Venezuelan – Parisian Designer Oscar Carvallo Opens Miami’s FIRST Haute Couture Boutique


Around two years ago, I briefly dated a remotely nice young man. A few weeks into getting to know one another, he invited me to Monaco for the Credit Suisse antique car rally (probably one of the coolest experiences of my life), followed by a trip to Paris for a few days. I thought I knew everything about Paris, I including the who’s who. I was wrong. I was introduced to Couture Designer Oscar Carvallo, who had a studio on the second floor of my favorite Avenue, the Rue Saint Honore. We scheduled an appointment, went over, and the rest is history.


Here is the superb news of the day: Venezuelan born Oscar is opening a studio in the Design District on the 30th of November, right before Art Basel. I must say, he has built quite a name for himself since he made the decision to bring his house of fashion to Miami. For me, Oscar is a friend, and of course uber talented. To Miami, Paris, Venezuela and beyond, he is a celebrity designer who went as far as collaborating with Carlos Cruz Diez, which I personally find to be the most incredible and impressive out of all of his work. Coming up at Art Basel, you will see many Cruz Diez pieces at the main fair.

As I sat down with Oscar at his Miami flat, he tells me “my story is interesting. A genius named Guy Meliet came to Caracas during the 1950’s with Christian Dior, he was his right hand. At age 80, we had the opportunity to work together and we developed a collection. He taught me French Couture using techniques of Dior, then unfortunately he passed away, however, I ended up working with his entire team. It has since been 20 years since I met his team, and they are still sewing with me. That’s how it all started, and how I learned couture.”

Cruz Diez and Carvallo

Born in Caracas, Oscar then studied in Oregon at 14 years old. When he returned to Caracas, he attended Law School, and after graduating, he did what every law school graduate never does: went right into fashion. “I always knew I wanted to be in art, and fashion was a passion.”


You must wonder why Miami? Yes, fashion guru’s Naeem Khan, Christian Roth and Milan Vukmirovic live here, but when you live in magnificent Paris, the city of couture, explain porfavor. He shares “I decided Miami because of my family. They have been here for 25 years. It was the perfect excuse to see them. I wanted to develop the US market and this is the capitol of Latin America. For my clients, it’s kind of difficult to get to Paris, so Miami was my solution. I also missed the sun, Paris after 15 years is practically Winter all year long.”

What Miami should expect is a boutique, that is similar to and inspired by his Haussmann Style French Apartment, with a touch of super modern. In the boutique you will find not only his specialty Haute Couture (takes 3 months to make in Paris, but the materials are in the boutique so everything is very hands on between client and designer), but also Tailor Made, Ready-to-Wear and Accessories. Haute mamma’s, Oscar also has dresses for little girls from 3-10 years old and are you a bride to be? Oscar says he believes this will be a huge success!

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-03 a la(s) 4.14.57 PM

If you were not invited to Oscar’s grand opening, please just know what you will be missing: four artists collaborating in mediums of video (Cristobal Valecillos), music (Dr. Muu), fashion (Oscar) and photography (Claudio Napolitano). Think La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaff and Grace Jones. The concept behind the grand opening and pre-basel experience is: How can you become Music. Just wait….and as always, we will not be disappointed. J’adore.

Oscar Carvallo Boutique

201 NW 37th St.

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