2018 Breaking News: Here are My Top 5 Finds in Miami

I can not get that Christmas song out of my head….you know, the one that goes like this: ‘these are a few of my favorite things’….. It subsequently has inspired me to dig into my local community and share a few of my new finds. As we all know, Miami is FULL of surprises. And what a positive surprise it is, that I am BACK and here to share!

As a full time Miami resident, where my plans are to STAY PUT, I have come across discoveries that may be your key to success. Do you need a gown, for example by Cavalli, or a ski jacket by Moncler, but don’t feel like forking out the funds for your one night gala, or weekend in the alps? I have your solution…..

How about the BEST blonde in town paired with the most unique hair cut that the city has ever seen? Did I mention the view of the ocean? Well, I have your solution for this as well.

Anyone who is in the social world knows Soledad Lowe and Carole Seikaly. If you are not running in these circles, you MUST pay attention. These two magnificent women have majorly incredible talent pertaining to jewelry design. Their styles are recognizable, and I always say YES to supporting local, especially women. Soledad just opened her own shop in Wynwood as well. Added value, obvi!

And last but not least…. A vino that was discovered recently at Cipriani, thank god it is available which at Total Wine, and has kept things running very smoothly these days!

X Erin

Everyone Loves A Great Rental….Especially at:


Three of my girlfriends launched a majorly bad ass business in Bay Harbour Islands. They live by their philosophy, which is ‘High End Couture, Just A Rental Away.’

I have to admit, it is not easy to go and spend five thousand dollars on a gown that you can only wear once. In fact, it is really not chic. With social media everywhere, re-wearing has become less feasible. SO, Natalie Eilemberg, Anna Shirazi and Valerie Schwarzkopf joined forces and just last month, these three mothers made their dreams your reality.

The Three Women Behind Lakzya (L to R): Anna, Valerie and Natalie.

Located on a side street behind the Cadillac Dealership, this haven of designer is uber helpful if your social agenda is running rampant. By appointment only, I suggest you go in and see what they have to offer. With sizes from zero to eighteen at your finger tips, their business model is extraordinarily desirable. Not only do they dry clean every garment upon rental at Pierre’s Cleaners (um, hello luxury) in the Gables, they also offer alterations on the rental (for a small extra fee). Are you craving a Lanvin for a wedding without spending at Lanvin? How about a YSL bag or a Moncler jacket for Aspen at a weekly rental rate? I suggest you swing on in and see what they have to offer. As usual, you will not be disappointed.

1048 Kane ConCourse, Suite AB, Bay Harbor Islands

To book your appointment, call:

(305) 397-8233


The Luxury Hair Game is SO on Point, Thanks to….

Rossano Ferretti

Marco uses the Rossano Ferretti ‘Method’ technique to cut my hair.

My ex from college always bragged about Marco Norma’s haircut. He is a fashion snob, and he and his brother are regulars. It was not until recently that I decided it was time to chop off my ends, clean up, and get rid of whatever toxicity remained in my blonde locks. What a great decision. Just last week I headed to Faena, the second location of Rossano Ferretti.

Pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. First and foremost, it is in the BEST location in town. The salon is approximately 2,000 sq. ft, and what I loved was the intimacy and exclusivity. I first started with popping my color with Katie. Let me tell you, I was not looking so chic. I walked in with more grey hair than normal. Last month took a toll on my soul, but master colorist Katie Da Silva gave me everything that I needed and more. That is LIFE. From a toner, to a gloss, to blonde highlights, let me share, I have worked with many stylists. I think that the proof is in the pudding and her work speaks for its self, hence me sending her business based upon just running around and compliments. She explains ‘working here is like working with family as opposed to a corporation. The education we receive is amazing and the clients that come in are international. We love what we do, and the stylists we work with are good as well.’

Katie, my colorist, washes my hair as well! Multi-talented staff!

After my color, Marco cut my hair, using a technique that is exclusive to RF salon’s across the world. He compared the technique to playing a violin, and let me tell you, with that Japanese specialty scissor which costs him upward of 600USD, it comes as no surprise that my hair looks as such. Wash and go is my motto, so this simply works for moi.

Two other things I must share before I move on to my other obsessions: first, the reclining chairs they wash your hair in, well, they make you NEVER want to leave. Second, they have an outstanding shampoo and conditioner line for colored hair, as well as a detangling spray which is BEYOND. That smell…..

Also, as a side note, I had my hair blown just two days ago. Jose was simply WOW. I returned to the salon because I was doing a shoot for my dear friend Agustina Casas’s new website, Baszari. That man has such hands, and if you need a great blow/style, there is no one better to visit.

Rossano Ferretti at Faena:


Jewelry QUEENS

Casa Lowe X Soledad Lowe

Behind the scenes of the Baszari Shoot of ME, coming in FEB! But, these are the Soledad pieces we used.

Are you obsessed? If you have no idea as to what I am talking about, check out her website. Soledad has been designing jewelry for years, and as far as I am concerned, her style is relatable across the board. There is something for everyone. Stack the bangles on your wrist, mix and match the bangles with your Love bracelet….OR, check out her brand new collection of MASSIVE hoop earrings. You will be besides yourself, in the utmost positive way. She works in gold, silver and rose gold.

Soledad’s studio and showroom is by appointment only. It is also available to rent. She considers it to be an interactive space.

Casa Lowe!

177 NE 44th St.

[email protected]

Chez Carole

The GORGEOUS Carole, in her Chez Carole, one of a kind necklace.

I met Carole years ago, and we always just loved one another. Maybe it is the Lebanese lover in me? Anyhow, from the minute I met Carole, I flipped for her unique designs. Every piece is unique and handmade by the master herself. She sources all of her own stones, and executes her passions in the most incredible way ever. Her look makes me want to pop the collar on a white collared Ann Fontaine button down, layer up her timeless designs, throw on Jimmy Choo heels, and run this town.

VINO S’il vous plaît

Bodega Norton’s Argentinian Privada

Que rico y suave….also known as how delicious and smooth!

Red wine has been an added value pertaining to my existence now a days, especially since I had my palette exposed to Bodega Norton’s Argentinian Privada bottle just last month. I originally tried this delectable, light red at Cipriani in Downtown Miami. Now, after having done some research, I discovered it was available at Total Wine. Hello, people! Norton’s Privada, at only 19.99 per bottle, that beats my second favorite called Meomi. Do not miss it. You will thank me later.

FYI: Header Photo with Lead Colorist, Katie Da Silva of Rossano Ferreti.


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