How to Travel Like MsErinsita, le Pro, Always On-The-Go!

J’arrive! SHE IS BACK! Look, I am a pro when it comes to travel. #oldnews. So, why not share some tips on how this 32-year ‘ol diva manages to look fierce while on the go? After all, I am a self-proclaimed expert considering I have been jetting over seas to France since I was two.

This past summer, I realized there are some necessities that have made my existence more conveniently pleasurable when on the go. Take it or leave it, but here are MsErinsita’s tips to success….What can I say, this is just the way I roll. J’adore. XO- Moi

The Louis Vuitton Luggage


You may find this funny, but I just paid Mike’s luggage/Bag Master in North Miami Beach to fix my wheelie before I jetted off, and $60 dollars for ‘two wheels’ later, he gave me my bag back. My mom so kindly picked it up for me, passed it over, and I filled her up. I did not check, however, there were no new wheels…So, even though I looked great, I was extremely offensively loud in many international airports. Majorly pissed, I guess I can say, I still looked tres elegante!

I always said, the older the LV bag, the better. The beaten up LV carry on that I have been using for years has been my partner in crime, and kept me looking rather refined on many worldly journeys. Considering you can not have mine, I suggest you invest in one. You can even get your initials monogrammed at select LV boutiques, while you wait!

Available at Louis Vuitton, The Design District.

Lululemon Athletica Ensemble


I don’t really work out, but I certainly own a lot of Lulu. I must tell you, the leggings paired with zip-up’s are great for travel. They also slenderize your figure, so post flight bloat, what could possibly be better?

Available at Lululemon Stores or at Exhale Spa in the Epic Hotel, Exhale SpaDowntown Miami.

 Goyard Tote in the Large Size


I am not into trends, and yes, these are trendy among the fashionable ladies, but to be real, now I understand why. This trip, I left behind the weighty Hermes Kelly bag association in exchange for my birthday gift ala Mom & Dad. Let me tell you, this sac is heaven and left me with no shoulder pains, went with all of my outfits, from sporty to eleganteeee, and although there is no zipper, you just tuck in the ends of the bag to prevent gypsy pick pockets.

Goyard Tote, available in October at Goyard Boutique, the Bal Harbour Shops.

 Henri Bendell Lingerie/Carry All Bags


My suitcase truly only looks organized when someone else packs for me, so for the semi-disorganized woman that I am, these Bendell bags helped me keep my Intimissimi bra’s and Eres Swimsuits in one contained place, and they subsequently look amazing. Those stripes = J’adore.

Carry All Bags available at Henri Bendell website.

 Tata Harper Scrub, Lip/Cheek Tint

scrub tat

When on the go, what is sexier than smooth legs, plump lips and matching rosy cheeks? Well, while running through various cities in Vintage Escada, Pucci and beyond, my Tata Harper products kept me perma-fresh, especially my silky, sans cellulite legs! Oh, and did I mention that all of the products are natural?

The Lip Tint serves two purposes: it is perfect on both the cheeks and lips.


Available at the Standard Hotel (at the Spa) on Miami Beach. Scrub, $68. Lip Tint, $35.

 Hermes Cashmere Shawl


As a child, pre-recession, first class was the only way to fly. God I miss those days of the booming stock market! So, of course, daughters observe their moms. I always noticed my mother, draped in a gorgeous blankie. Fast forward: those were not blankies, they were only the finest multi-purpose scarves in the world. I have since, amassed my own very special collection. Wear them to black tie functions, a casual dinner, or cover yourself on a plane. They are easy to pack and guaranteed to make you look haute!

Available at Hermes Stores Worldwide. New collection shawl, approximately USD $1200

 Van Cleef and Arpel’s Clover Earrings


The clover is the best, most effortless approach when local or on the go. Also perfect from day to night, what is the purpose of schlepping lots of jewel cargo, when these are minimalist, under stated and comfy.

Available at Van Cleef & Arpel’s Shops Worldwide, or call Javier at (561) 655-6767.


If you have remotely read any of my blogs, you will know I live and DIE for Eres. They filled up my Bendell bags, and were also used to complete outfits (see photo). I have amassed a collection and plan on continuing it. Also, with my newfound awareness of Melanoma, I insist on L’Oreal Paris’ Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion. I also discovered hats by Gottex at The Delano on Miami Beach and at Exhale Spa at the Ritz Carlton in Bal Harbour. For under $100, it is a superb look, a Panama Hat gone right, and provides coverage to protect this face! Hello! For him: Orlebar Brown is my latest men’s obsession. So sexy….

Flat Shoes


While traveling to foreign countries, heels are not always possible. Cobble stone streets = our worst nightmare. I always pack a few pairs of sandals. This past trip, it was all about Bottega Veneta Mauve Sandals, Chanel Gladiator Chained up Sandals and Hermes Classic Flat Slip Ons, plus my new obsession: Espadrilles of Suede. Comfort galore!

Post Sun Facial


After all of the exposure, even with that sunblock, I discovered a remote spot on Miami Beach that can revive and rejuvenate your skin!

And….. to celebrate looking great while traveling, I recommend booking an appointment with Constance. She was perfect for bringing this overly exposed face back to life.

For just $129, the Dermalogica Apres Sun Skin Treatment, gives us the ability to tap into our irritated skin, and walk away glowing – and best of all your McAllister esthetician will send you home with a complimentary retail-sized Dermalogica After Sun Repair.

McAllister Spa
1301 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Once you stop and take a breather, a few great options to make yourself and your man happy: Hennessy just launched their latest artist collaboration with Ryan McGinness, so not only is the taste perfect, it is aesthetically fab. For $42 dollars you get a great, limited edition bottle.


and last, but definitely NOT least….

For a more femme experience, ‘champeezy’ is MsErinsita’s top choice. For my look, I suggest Krug. The C is the only way to go.

Krug Grande Cuvée is an alternative generous champagne, featuring a blend of approximately one hundred and twenty wines from ten vintages and three grape varieties. With notes of hazelnut, citrus, almonds and honey, a refreshing sip to elevate any backyard barbeque or happy hour out on the terrace.


Header Photo: Wearing Vintage Sonya Rykiel  at the Sirenuse Hotel in Positano.

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