How MsErinsita Became the Muse of a Formento + Formento n Ended Up in Vogue Italia

Life is all about people, places and things. For me, this has been the story of my life: I ended up in the right places, next to the right people and the right things have happened. Magic.

Erin Boat
In the new collection of Kaufman Franco, my new FAVORITE designer duo!

So, last Art Basel, Lauren Gnazzo, Patrick McMullan and I somehow sandwich packed into my two-seater and headed to a dinner party, the only chic thing to do during Basel aside from salivating over the blue chip art. Arriving at the home of Christian Roth and Eric Domege was more than I expected. First and foremost, the seated dinner was dedicated to the launch of my blog. Yea. As if that was not enough, I was seated next to a couple named BJ and Richelle Formento, who are world renown as the most sought after creative directors on the market. We became fast friends, effortlessly, and promised to keep in touch.

Seen here in Kaufman Franco’s latest collection. Heels by Gucci. Art: Noah Davis.

Nearly a year later, I was having dinner at Matador with Christian and Eric, Omar Hernandez and Guillermo Giammona plus my man, when Omar and I are talking about his photo shoot the following day and he whips out his I-phone to show me this email on his cell phone. I scroll rapidly to understand the project, and I see, XO, Richelle and BJ. In my tone deaf voice (which by the way, I am partially deaf in my left ear, new discovery after I diagnosed myself with 30 diseases last week), shouted to Christian and Eric ‘OMG, tomorrow Omar is shooting with the Formento’s!’

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.52.01 PM

Go figure. Omar from Caracas, Miami and now a NYC resident, is shooting with my friends BJ and Richelle who I met at the home of the Roth-Domege’s, and we are all at one table having dinner at the Edition Hotel. Um, small world.

In a Kaufman Franco Gown. Photographed by my friend Bianca Montalvo.

So, before I knew it, my phone rang, and it was the Formento’s, asking to shoot me for the same project in BIG Magazine that they shot Omar for. He is the ‘Director of Spark,’ and I am the ‘Social Butterfly.’ Since they met me, they said ‘we want to work with you, we want you to be our muse.’ Voila. Accepted.

Vintage Pucci for days….

After finally coordinating for what felt like months, we shot last Monday at the home of my mother in Golden Beach, followed by on le Yacht with the sunset. Kaufman Franco’s VP Michael Toccin sent me four looks that somehow each fit me like a glove, and one piece was more impeccable than the next, and I also used my Vintage Mugler gown that I bought in Rome years ago. I was feeling their vibe, they were feeling mine, and in my life, I have never experienced a shoot like this. Not on VH1, not on MTV, not on PLUM TV. This wasn’t live either, but certainly I never felt as comfortable in front of the lenz and never felt happier with the results working with this dynamic duo, their assistant and Eddy Munster, the hair and makeup guru who helped in my goal of channeling a glamazon from the 20’s. Eddie is so talented that he also works with Danny Santiago and Mark Williamson on the regular.

BJ and I, working it!

Seven hours later, with so much adrenaline pumping, I felt I could have kept going another seven.


The next day, I got an email with a link from the Formento’s, straight to Vogue. I nearly died. Who would have thought that Big Magazine would take me to Vogue….and for a girl who doesn’t ever feel SO hot, I must say, I have never looked better, felt better and worked it harder.



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