Want to Know What I Wore to Bed while Traveling Abroad? Only the BEST: HANRO of Switzerland

Since I was a child, my mother always taught me about the best things in life, including Swiss cottons. HANRO of Switzerland was a brand that I discovered at a very young age. High maintenance? Indeed!

So, most recently, I took a great trip to London, where I stayed at one of the BEST HOTELS in the WORLD, the Connaught, and I managed to pack my: HANRO Pj’s. This brand new set is what I like to call: EVERYTHING. It is sexy, sleek, and SO comfortable to sleep in. Turn yourself on, or if you have a man, turn him on with this ‘Uptown Short Pjama,’ my ensemble du jour!

Reading the one and only, Conde Nast Traveler!
Up Close and Personal….

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