Day 1 of Art Basel = 3 Shoe Changes, Great Hair, YoungArts + Society n’ Art Galore, Omar’s, W Magazine n’ Mia Moretti = OUI

Today….was long. One YSL outfit, a cash offer on my gold leather Vintage YSL Leather Jacket and three pairs of shoes later, it is 10:13 P.M., and homegirl, yours truly, is home. Thank god. With fresh popcorn en route and some Ksumi night tea in my vicinity, I sit and write about my wondrous journey of le art fair…Art Basel…which all began, at 7:40 A.M. with a wake up from my roommate on outfit advice, followed by a superb 2-hour visit with my new hair stylist Erin Dunn at the IGK Salon at the SLS. For those of you who know me, I am no morning person, however, duty called and Erin, my new favorite stylist in Miami squeezed me in for some reparative work on what I refer to as my ‘weave.’ Five inches off, and new blonde roots, I left SO happy, I highly recommend Dunn, who lives between NYC and Miami, working as a Senior Stylist at le petite n chic salon.

@ErinNDHair and I this morning at 10 A.M.
@ErinNDHair and I this morning at 10 A.M.


Rewind to entering IGK this morning in LuluLemon galore, holding five hangers and a huge bag of shoes, because depending upon my hair, I was totally unsure of what I was going to wear. A beautiful art collector, who was dripping in diamonds ala Cartier and Hermes, was sitting in her chair having her hair done as my whirlwind self entered. She was SO up my alley and immediately asked to purchase my garment. If I owned it fully (it belongs to Kristin Ducote, but after our lunch today, we traded a tweed Chanel), I would have totally sold it to her, as she was an avid collector like me, however, moving on, I ended up wearing it all day and as I love to say #jadore it and thank god, because it was a show stopper and you know me, I have very limited wardrobe. HA.

After Dunn made me beautiful, plus three coffees later, plus Spotify and my semi blind make-up session in the dark ladies room of the hotel, Ducote picked me up at the SLS and we headed to 1Hotel’s Beechcraft for the YoungArts lunch hosted by Nadja Swarovski, who entered looking lovely and totally ate it, tripping over a chair. I watched as her gorg aqua Blahnik suede pump flew three feet away. I think as I sipped my ginger ale at the bar, I was the only one to see the incident, however, if you’re going to fall, do it in Pucci and Blahnik’s. Work it! The brief affair was as glam as ever, with guests like Sarah Arison, Christina Getty, Andreea Baclea, Maria Beguiristain, Jilian Jacobson, Pauldine France, Amy Rosenberg, the ‘Bag Snob’ and some other familiar faces. A brief performance ensued by a highly entertaining and talented YoungArts alum, and shortly after, I snuck across the street to sup at Continental with my hot date Ducote plus Beguiristain and Baclea. Another Stephen Starr restaurant in town that is a TOTAL hit and I am kind of obsessed with. The ambiance plus the food = OMG.

Getting editorial with Maria Beguiristain (L) and Jilian Jacobson.

Post lunch, Andreea, Maria and I headed to the main fair to the collectors preview, where we basically sat in the lounge, digesting Continental and socializing with the world. After a few laps aka visual overload, it occurred to me that high heels make no sense EVER at an art fair. After running into Martin and Guillermo Rozenblum, Alfredo Gonzalez, Gingi Beltran, Michael Horvitz, Brian Hastings, Kyle Faro, Naomi Fisher, Dana Shear, Hayley Mitchell, Alex Norton and like 70 other people….

With Guillermo (L) and Martin Rozenblum in the collectors lounge at the Convention Center.

I limped to my moms car and threw on my butch Celine loafers, with ZERO care about how these androgynous situations looked with my dress and headed to Omar’s New York to check out his popup at the old Women’s Club, in support of the Bass Museum. Only Omar plus Keith Patrick and Jill Buchanan can create magic as such….in a space, that nobody knew about, across from Hebrew Academy. This historical building is fierce and is the most chic hideaway for the week to locals in the know, celebrities, members from New York – global plus is the home to the Wall Street Journal Dinner, Cliteracy lunch tomorrow and beyond…..and tonight, effortlessly brought outa great Omar’s crowd like Michelle and Asher Edelman, Christian Roth, Eric Domege, Michelle Davila, Ines (miss Madrid who’s last name I don’t know), the Lieberman’s (who own the property), Cyn Zarco and Nathalie Cadet James, plus a major group of artsy souls that I had never seen before. As Nathalie and I discussed, and we are NOT easy to please, there is just something about Omar that makes you feel good about yourself.

Omar and I at Omar’s Pop Up.

Referring to him tonight as Omar Faena because he was wearing the signature Alan Faena fedora, I had to depart to the W Magazine – Tonchi roller skating function on the beach, literally. Arriving 30-minutes before the party ended due to a parking issue, plus some great Backstreet Boys songs, Cyn, Keith, Jill, Nathalie and I entered to the most cool, magnificent view, of a disco-roller skating party on the ocean, under the stars, with Mia Moretti, my favorite female DJ ever spinning disco music….and yes, this was when the purple sneakers came in handy.


When you have a day as such, with endless laughs galore, which I shall not share les deets, and it ends with a Mia Moretti dance party on the ocean, surrounded by friends, cool ass strangers and the ocean breeze….I can say yes, I did it right.

Skating….on Art…only W-Magazine!
Nathalie and I entering the W Magazine – Tonchi – Faena SUPERB fiesta.


Off to shower (not my hair, as per Erin’s instructions) then shluffies, because I have spinning with Lara Shriftman at 9:45 A.M. at 1Hotel, so bonne nuit, and until tomorrow’s full day of activities reported in le evening, j’adore you all.



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