Palm Beach’s MOST Haute Baby Shower, in honor of Brian Long and Todd Corder’s TWINS!

No big deal, I just attended my first society gay baby shower at the third largest home in Palm Beach. Believe.


A few years ago, I became friends with Todd Corder and Brian Long. Shortly after, they invited me to volunteer with them at the Ronald McDonald House, at Jackson Memorial, cooking for sick children. They made me a better person.

On Sunday, my dear friends Todd and Brian celebrated their twins-to-be: two boys, who are on their way, making their debut this summer in Cambodia.

Hosted by Jim and his gorgeous wife Kristy Hinze Clark, what I had expected was simply an elegant afternoon cocktail. The reality was: it was one of the most beautiful days of my life, and the day turned into a dinner, which was comparable to a mini gala. The dinner was held in a tent, on Lake Worth. The Clark’s 5 acre property, next to Mar-a-Lago, spans from Lake Worth (West) to the ocean, with underground tunnels which provide easy access.

I woke up in the festive mood to dress the part….and thank the lord that I have collected gorgeous vintage clothing from all over the world, so from my archives, I pulled a 1960’s blue Emilio Pucci velvet skirt, paired with a matching top. This is why I do not do halloween, because I dress up every day of my life. My mother Dale and I, headed up north for the soiree, where we ran into some old friends, including Lauren Foster, Heather Davis, Beau Beasley, Michelle Pooch, Tinsley Mortimer and Chris Leavitt, and we walked away with some new ones, like author Mark Addison. Chicness galore is a pure understatement…and I must admit, I broke my dairy and gluten free diet, and ate two massive truffle pizzas solo. I guess that was rather fitting, since its all about twins…however, my outfit, a size zero, may not be fitting for long….The bottom line is, I was honored to be invited, in celebration of the babies, who are about to be the luckiest kids in the world with dad’s like Todd and Brian.

Kristy (a down to earth, cool as hell model) and Jim (who basically invented the internet aka Netscape) purchased the estate in 1999.

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