NO PUEDO: 2017. Take Care Brush Your Hair. X

So, here it goes.

The holiday season. Everyone is saying what a bad time it was to receive the news I did. No, there is never a good time for bad news. But what happens when you feel that ‘bad’ news is actually good? Well that is my story. This is my journey: making lemonade out of lemons.

Incase you missed the memo, I moved back to Miami.

Truth be told, I have felt unable to compile my thoughts. With my head in a fog, I even had to record my session with my shaman, so as you can imagine, retaining information has been a struggle. My mission is not to take anyone down. Humans can do that on their own, so to be clear with you: I do not want to get too into detail here about  a specific human being that I woke up next to nearly every day for almost two years and had 0 idea who he was. Bottom line is that can take a massive toll on on yo soul, but that is my reality. I bid adieu to bad behaviors and have realized that scamming your other half is SO 2017, and as my brother used the term  ‘moral bankruptcy,’ well, goodbye to that too.

Today, I will go and regain my power and strength. Ashley Turchin, a dear old friend of mine, I want to say THANK YOU for introducing me to my shaman: Flavio Moy. Because of Flavio, I have been reminding myself how incredible I am while understanding my power. I suppose after all, that is why I left Cancun. I am Erin Michelle Newberg, and I am FREE!

SO, now that this is off my back, there are a few points I want to address. I want to dedicate this post to all the women out there, especially my mother Dale, to my ‘suegra,’ Tanya Capriles de Brillembourg (you made this even more difficult for me, because of the true love I have for you), and to a woman named Kylie Flynn, who lives in Las Vegas and saved my life. We should all aspire to take care of each other in the way that this complete stranger reached out to me.

I have to advise you, I always knew I was very polarizing, but it was not until this past week that I realized how I am truly loved. To each of you who stood by my side, called me, cried with me, to Leslie Rimboeck who flew to Mexico to help with my 17 suitcases, well, friends like all of you are not rampant. I have clearly done something right in my life, so thank you to Kelly, Carolyn, Jillian, my ‘sista,’ Tanya, Lauren, Rita, Denise, Kim, Anna, Mari, Jess, Ali, Aura, Karelle, Carole, Jade, Claudia, Amy, Candice, Brooke, Danielle, Jenny, Suzyelle, Lexiing, Ginger, Kristin, Maria B and Maria A,Elisa, Dannie, Gabby, Maria, Amaris, Anna, Andrea, Miss A, Jeanette, Angie, Soledad,Laura, Alissa and Aria….and to everyone else who I am neglecting to mention, well I love you. This is the year of the female. If we do not take care of each other, no one will.

Now that that is out of the way, I also had various personal accomplishments that are an important part of moi and my existence in 2017. Considering plans changed, as mentioned above, so did the direction of this post. My original idea was to write about paying it forward. As I have always lived my life giving back to people, the homeless, the arts, my friends, etc., I must mention that I had the privilege of meeting wonderful and instrumental individuals whom have allowed me to work beneath them, like Evan Benn, my editor at Indulge Magazine. Months ago, I was invited by one of my biggest cheerleaders, Elysze Held, to a lunch that honored Iran Issa Khan, at La Petite Maison. I was seated next to Evan. Having no knowledge of my writing skills, we chatted about Bloody Marys. On the spot he hired me to write a story on the best in Miami-Dade County. Do you know what it feels like, having had no formal journalism education (even though I was trained by the best, like Glenn Albin, Eric Newill and Jacquelyn Powers) to writing for Evan at the Miami Herald? Not only is HE amazing professionally, he has become my friend and I think you should look forward to more superb stories in the upcoming year. While I am on the topic of journalism, I want to thank Jilian Sanz, my Editor at Toys for Boys Magazine. She is also happens to be one of my best friends who is convinced that I have a guardian angel. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be creative by your side, having worked on incredible features together, we created content, with a focus on the arts, and I just want you to know that you give me more than you will ever know just by being present. Annetta Nowosielska, I also have tremendous gratitude for you having asked me to work with you on your last issue of Aventura Mall Magazine. You have always believed in me, and I could not be more proud of you. As a friend, you have taught me so much, and your level of inclusion and thought allows me to circle back to the fact that this has been the year of powerful women. Thank you for that. I miss you already.

Opportunities like I have been granted, do not happen to the average person, so as I said, I must have been doing something correct for the past 34 years. Thank you to my mother, who is my best friend, but also my living angel and guiding light.

With reflection and perspective, my eyes have been open to the fact that we can not always choose our family, but we choose our friends. I experienced some of the most fabulous and wondrous things, like traveling to Morocco for my best friend Gabby Mejia’s 40th. I danced under the stars, in the dunes of the Sahara. I drove through the Atlas Mountains. I visited countries like Slovenia where I met inspiring souls, like my thai massage professional and my driver Richard. I had the privilege of becoming friends with Rafa Micha. I met a wonderful group of women in Venice, Italy who have been so supportive. I spent a lot of time in Paris next to friends who are like family, for example my friends Sayed Halby and Salwa. I made amends with friends like Neige, and my old roommate Lauren. After my recent tragedy, which ended up becoming a blessing, I remember that it is always important to be introspective. I helped Somy Ali at No More Tears, where I now sit on her board. What a honor…. and her victims. Thank you Stacey Honowitz for your service. I became an aunt to the most perfect little boy, Noah Sam. I have been privileged to watch my 91 year old grandmother find love again. I got to spend a lot of time with my best friends Christian Roth and Eric Domege. Thank the lord for Epicure Market where they came into my life. I am also beyond grateful for my uncles Nathan Serphos and Glenn. Nathan survived an aneurysm in Korea. The fact that he is regaining his vision gives me every reason to believe.

To all of you out there who follow my on-and off- broken blog, I promise, I will never loose my sparkle. I told my grandmother, the only tears that will forever flow are happy tears. If I can get through this, we can all get through our personal struggles. 2018, I look forward. Onward and upward!

Cheers to love and life. To success….and beyond.



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