Have a PULSE? Need a REMEDY? Look NO further than DR. Jarred Mait, Miami’s PREMIER Concierge DOC!

Have a PULSE? Need a REMEDY?


Well, anyone who follows me, knows one thing for sure: what you read is legit. There are no behind the scenes payments to write an article, nor to feature a product. It is not how I operate. At MsErinsita, I am your destination for pure honesty. Like me or not, you know you have to look no further than my website…my content is 1 step ahead of the game. As a side note, I also think you should consider this post to be an entry that is MUY importante, as I have disappeared for some time from le blog-osphere. I had to make an emergency escape out of Mexico City, mourned for 2 weeks in fetal position, lost a few too many kilo’s, literally rexic-chic, then started a job, as a credit card processing queen (that’s what he calls me), with my sista Kristin Ducote, then, thanks to Bumble, I met the love of my life, traveled to Europe for two weeks, danced at my best friend Neige’s wedding, returned to los Estados Unidos, and decided to get back to le MAC keypad and share some very relevant info, for all of you fancy yet health conscious souls.


The purpose of this post, is to introduce Jarred. Meet Jarred. I met Dr. Jarred Mait at sleep away camp, when I was six years old. Does it shock you I left home at 6? So, recently, we touched base, due to le grand Facebook and decided to catch up at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. After speaking to Dr. Mait, a few hours later, I took it upon myself to hire him as my very own concierge doctor. It is what he does, and who in Miami doesn’t need the convenience of a concierge doc? A specialist with a holistic touch who, in fact, cured my sleeping problem, he also gives me the occasional b-12 shot and even went to the hospital to help my ex-boyfriends daughter when she had an emergency while in town….What is better than that? Service (rare, in this town especially) + that smile = hello!

So here are the facts: Dr. Mait graduated from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in 2013, with the vision of helping people. He tells me “I saw a way to change people’s health and lives by means of a western approach to medicine. Also, through my education which focused on alternative yet functional medicine with a holistic approach, I saw there was so much that can be done to prevent, but to treat naturalIy, so in totality, I take a combined approach. A lot of people don’t have time to go to the doctor, so I decided to make house calls, so people can see me at their home, office, yacht, wherever!”

Wanting to change the way people interact with their health and physician by understanding and taking a very personal approach to wellness, Dr. Mait also focuses on anti-aging, chronic disease and beyond. Need a house call visit because of a flu or a hangover or stitches? He does it all. As a result of his training at Jackson, Jarred is very well rounded in critical care.

Oh, Dr. Mait also specializes in IV’s, and is a licensed physician, not a paramedic, which is the “difference between me, and Vita Squad.”

Here is how it works:

Non-members of my concierge program: $275 all in, medications included, with 14 vitamins and 3 medications if requested. The session is 1 hour long.

Become a member. Need a health and wellness connection? Dr. Mait has relationships with top tier industry specialists, and will set you up with anyone from your very own Reiki instructor to meditation expert, yoga teacher, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor and lets just say, the list goes on…. not to mention coordinating your appointments with the best specialists in town.

If you want the ultimate experience in terms of a doctor in your life, a personal doctor, then there is no one in town who will offer this service. Wellness and holistic plus a coordinator? From managing what your chef is cooking to tailoring a weight loss strategy plus anti-aging programs to sourcing all of your fruits and vegetables while refilling your perscriptions? Dr. Mait is a one stop shop, the doctor we all want in our life….


[email protected]

For your consult: 305-699-6963

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2 thoughts on “Have a PULSE? Need a REMEDY? Look NO further than DR. Jarred Mait, Miami’s PREMIER Concierge DOC!”

  1. I appreciated your “disclaimer” at the beginning of this post. I’ve been following your blog for a while and the one thing I really appreciate about it is the sense of an insider’s unfiltered recommendations. Additionally, as someone who no longer lives in Miami but maintains a presence in the city, I am so grateful that your blog helps me stay plugged in and connected. Thank you.

    1. WOW. You just made my day. Thanks so much for the positive feedback n cool vibes. Ill have a great post up next week on Women in the know, making moves in the 305. A lil femme lovin!
      Thanks again and much love.

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