Help Eduardo Bravo get the Gay Wedding of his Dreams at the Biltmore: “This is a long distance love, we just want to be together.”

Imagine this: You are on a layover in London, and happen to end up on your one night in town, at the bar at the W hotel in SoHO. It is the end of the evening and you stumble across a man. Your eyes lock. Like two magnets, you are drawn to another, and conversation leads to a room. You awake in the morning, say ‘thank you for being the perfect ending to my trip,’ when he replies ‘baby this is just the beginning.’

This isn’t a dream, but the reality of my dear friend Eduardo Bravo, and that is the story of how met his boyfriend, Risto, who he says ‘was open to life’s emotions.’


So, I need your help. Visit Florida, who my best friend Ginger Harris writes for, is putting on a contest for a gay wedding at the uber-luxe Biltmore Hotel for 80 guests.

I need your vote. (click)

Bravo tells readers about how he would execute his dream, if he was afforded this chance to formalize his partnership….and reminder: this can only happen with YOUR votes, so click away!

What would you wear?

Cream Vera Wang Tuxedo.

Who would you want to officiate the ceremony?

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., also known as the guy who married Kim and Kany. I also happen to have access to him, and he’s never done a gay wedding. He’s young cool and celeb.

What do you envision?

I visualize fabulous, high end elegant. Black tie. The Biltmore Hotel resonates with that…. It would be just our closest friends and family, from all over the world. Global!




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