Your January Society Schedule: DANCE at YoungArts with DJ Cassidy then at PAMM for their Louis Vuitton Gala!

Happy New Year! 2015, wow. To think what a year 2014 was…. The many wondrous things that happened, as well as the biggest tragedy of my life, the loss of my grandpa, Samuel. However, here we are, and I am grateful for every good and bad moment I faced. The story of life….

So, that brings us to January, a month that I want you to dance. It is a month that is very socially strong in my societal existence and considering that many of you want to take part in the best parties that this city has to offer, here you go: two separate superb gala after parties that I am involved in, and I promise you to never be disappointed.

Um yes, you better WERK! At the National YoungArts campus, hear beats by DJ Cassidy = Priceless!

On January 10th at 9 P.M., join us at the National YoungArts Foundation campus for one of the city’s best dance parties. Beneath the recognizable stained glass, mosaic jewel box, you can shake it to one of my favorite DJ’s ever, DJ Cassidy with your friends, YoungArts students, alum and even some major celebs. You DO NOT want to miss this.

Jewel Box6_greg clark_web

Hosted by Crista Azqueta, Rachel Bleemer, Rizzy Byckovas, Chris DiSchino, Stacey Galbut, Jillian Jacobson, Rebecca Mandelman, Erin Newberg, Natasha Petrukhin, Lydia Pinnell, David Podein, Aaron Resnick, Tiffany Rosen, Ethan Royal, Paloma Soyka and Hillary Strickland… that is what I like to call ‘next level.’ Tickets are $125 in advance and $150 at the door. Hello, be proactive!

On January 17th at 10:30 P.M., join Tara and Jack Benmeleh, Ginger Harris, Lydia Pinnell and moi at PAMM for the after party to the Louis Vuitton ‘Art of the Party,’ where you can dance under the stars at the magnificent museum and dance to the Brazilian band Batuke Samba Funk featuring Pee Wee Ellis, who was the sax player for James Brown. Chicness Galore! OH, and the tickets used to be $250, but after some major negotiating, by using the code: R14Erin, your tickets are available for $100!

Pee Wee Ellis at PAMM…
Batuke Samba Funk will also be performing at the Gala After Party!



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