Meet 9 of Miami’s Most Fierce Women, Whom Have It Goin’ Onnnn…..

I’m all about la femme. Today, I dedicate this post to a few of my local Miami ladies who are making strategic and business savvy moves in our community. Individually, they are entrepreneurial; simply killing it. From experts in medicine and beauty to gorgeous musical play list creators, creative chefs running foodie trucks, style guru’s, designers and beauty queens, meet some noteworthy souls, who I call my friends….who if you did not know before, now you will… as I usually end my articles: you will thank me later.





I was referred to Conception’s Florida Fertility Center to check my egg reserve….and because I fall into that age range of potential pregnancy time, I thought I may as well be proactive. There is a new test out, called Egg Q, that is being marketed nation wide by Silvia Mestre at the clinic, and clinics around the country, and targets that 20 – 30 something woman like myself, who are considered fertile and child bearing….and who, for one reason or another, want to check the current egg inventory in le body. Assuming mine were perfect, after a few years back I was about to undergo IVF, and did all sorts of invasive testing, I took the time to ‘just check,’ and thank god I did. The procedure is easy. A vile of blood is taken at your local doctors office, and you have a quick consult. A week later, a FaceTime call is set up, which is fabulous, to not have to return, and to see the doctor while on the go. I was thrilled I did this testing, because miss perfect over here isn’t so perfect….my remaining eggs allegedly aren’t in great shape, so I guess it may be time to return to the clinic to preserve my eggs for future use….but for the meantime, I suggest that you ladies invest, and go on in… and FYI, according to the Egg Q website, here is some further info for you.

Face timing with my fertility doctor, Dr. Rey.
Face timing with my fertility doctor, Dr. Rey.

“AMH (what is tested from the vile of blood) is secreted by the follicles your ovary produces every month as you “recruit” multiple eggs. Your body then releases what it thinks is the “best” one around day 14 of your cycle. Naturally, as women age, your body has used up not only more of the eggs you have, but the highest quality eggs as well.

For the average woman, ovarian reserve declines to the point where you start seeing a real difference around age 35. By 37, most women have about half the chance of getting pregnant every month as they did in their early 20s. And for most 40 year olds, unfortunately, there is a greater chance of having a miscarriage and an embryo with chromosomal abnormalities than a successful pregnancy.

How do you know if you are the “average woman”? An easy blood test will measure your ovarian reserve. Most women with low ovarian reserve do produce enough hormones to get their periods. So having a regular period does not tell you what your egg reserve is like.”

EGG-Q. 4425 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 110

1-800-FERTILE | to order your test which is available at Conception’s or at various OBGYN offices throughout the country.

Krel aka Karelle Levy


Everyone who knows Karelle Levy, just falls in love with her. This is rare breed of a woman; the type who no one has any bad thing bad to say about, nor her designs for that matter. Ahead of her time, Karelle had her studio in Wynwood, when it was: le hood. After a brief stint on Lincoln Road, she just opened her brand new studio, in the HIP Ironside Area (West of Biscayne Blvd). With hand knit, glow in the dark dresses that are readily available to purchase (if celebs like Nicki Minaj don’t beat you to the punch), she also offers services like Krel-to-Go, where she will literally create your piece on the spot, as you both serve as designer. Last but not least, she also has RTW items available, that are more mass produced….yet unique. Check out some of her more recent items on moi….at the Standard Miami. Oh, and do you have a baby, or need a great baby gift. Most recently, Levy has been seen on social media, crafting creations for les bebe’s!

Ironside: 7520 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138

Jillian Jacobson


All around fabulous, Jacobson is not just a Miami based society girl. This powerhouse opened the Sushi Louge at the St. Regis in Bal Harbour, the hands-down sexiest bar in Bal Harbour. Need a great date spot, this is your new go-to! Multi talented, she is a master of building brands to make them successful from cosmetics to catering. Like most of the people I surround myself with, her talents are not limited…So, for the most elegant sushi, or brand marketing, I would say to look her way!

The Sushi Bar....
The Sushi Bar….

To host an event, or hire Jacobson for brand marketing, contact her at:

[email protected]

Corina Biton


Sun protective sportswear? Yes, it exists….and I was wearing it right when BloqUV was launched, also known as my VH1 ‘Secrets of Aspen’ days. That takes Corina and I way back….but it also shows how ahead of her time she truly was. The company has since evolved, and she took BloqUV from local to National, and is available for both men and women. Do you dress like me every day? Head to toe in sexy, slimming athletic wear? If so, this just saved you, from style to sun protection. Enjoy….  Oh, and here are some great pics of Miami Society members  Belkys Nerey, Frank Amadeo, Jason Clarke and more…on their recent trip to Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic.

Vicky Cababie


Vicky is one of the most bad-ass chicks I met last year, while in Viareggio, Italy. Thanks to her sister-in-law Sari, we were fortunate enough to get to know one another, and we spent a few weeks together on the Mediterranean (on a XL canoe, of course). Spiritual in her demeanor, she is a bright, beautiful and bold woman. Did I mention gorgeous as well? Vicky, a mother of three, a wife and a psychology master, just created Yogart, an innovative line of yoga mats which consist in five different hand painted designs, each with a description. Not your average mat, each comes with a painting, linking yoga/ mindfulness, as well as the meaning of the word chosen with a blank space to write your personal objective. Vicki tells me “l am a psychologist and a true believer that we all have backgrounds stored on the unconscious which leads us to make decisions. My aim in this project is for people to state their own individual goal and work thoroughly towards it along with the yoga practice and the obstacles it may encounter. As well as having your energy thriving with a fun, cool, and funky design, they allow you to you’re your ‘word/intention’ in mind.” Hello individuality….at MsErinsita, we DIE for this!

The mat also provides a stretch band that serves to tie the mat as well as a tool for different asanas.  “This project is made with of lots of love and has been a “baby” which I have put my heart and soul into. I merged the three things that I love the most; yoga, art and psychology.  I personally express my thoughts and feelings through painting than I do with words, so I decided to create this concept which hopefully inspires people grow and be the best version of themselves.”

The cost of each mat is $120 usd and for now they can be found in Plank Yoga Studio and in Ayama Yoga and Wellness, both located in Miami.

Instagram: @yogartdesign

Tal Ivcher


The buyer at Boho Hunter, an international mecca for chicness, I have known Tal since I was in my early 20’s. She along with her girlfriends from Mexico, Peru and Venezuela collaborated, adjoining their common passion for bringing local cult brands that they discovered and love. With a goal of carrying high end brands that showcase inspiring and fashion forward designs from Latin American talent, they are constantly discovering from all over the region.

Need a chic beach bag? Ecuadorian Panama hat? Kimono style Pool cover up? Accessories galore? Ladies, hello! This is your fantasiaaaaa!

184 N.W. 27th st. Wynwood

Shareese Logan


The aesthetician to the stars, and MsErinsita for the past….lets say, ten years now…well, my girl has just opened her very own center, a dream for your face. Just four months in her very own, brand new location, Shareese was previously with Exhale, and before that, at the Miami Institute at the Four Seasons. Shareese tells me “for years I knew I wanted my own business, so I left Exhale Spa at the Epic to pursue my dreams.” Clients like Shakira fly Shareese on tour with them, and regulars include athletes from the Miami Heat, social influencers….and just normal folks who love a great and deep cleaning. Aside from having access to the best facial in town, you can book a massage, waxing, body treatments, chemical peals and microdermabrasion. Shareese also used the best products available, like PCA and her private hand crafted label: Logan Skincare. which is all USA made.

People: take note, that for Miami Beach Spa Month she is treating you to a complimentary Microdermabrasion, when you book a standard facial for just $80!

7111 Harding Avenue


Mika Estupinan


I met Mika, through Gaby Mejia, who insisted that I try her food truck in Wynwood. Caja Caliente Located in an outdoor flower shop, her truck sits, parked, with Miami’s biggest foodies, who frequent it. Unfortunately, I was unable to eat, as I was battling food poisoning, however, my boyfriend loved the cuisine, especially her taco’s and lechon. The coconut shake, which I was obsessed with, is my new fave coco in town. Her ceviche sells out early, as does a majority of the food, so I suggest you show up early!

2600 NE 2nd Avenue, at Midtown Nursery.

Tuesday – Friday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sat: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Gabby Mejia


This chick and I used to not like each other. That’s how I preface our relationship, which has turned into a true love story. Mejia is one of Miami’s hottest DJ’s, who is Suit Supply’s resident musical curator, but you will also see Gab spinning at Louis Vuitton functions, SoHO Beach House on the regular, Faena’s Living Room and Saxony Bar, or even across the pond, in Marrakesh for the Branson Family, but I must tell you, that her talents exceed just a few hours at a venue. Most recently, Gab has been creating 10-hour long play lists for clients, like Palm Court in the Design District. So, if you find yourself walking through, and bobbing your head to Aretha, Snoop, Frank Sinatra or Ella, know that it came from hours of her labor of love….and you too, with your business, may want to bring her on board. I highly recommend her estilo. It is totally J’adore!

http://[email protected]

**Header photo, seen wearing Krel’s RTW line, available at her Ironside boutique**

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