MsErinsita’s Grand Finale of Art Basel!

After a solid 11 hours of sleep, I sit in my bed, eating Snyder’s Gluten Free pretzel sticks and drinking red Gatorade. I can’t say with more conviction, and only two blisters later…. that I am SO glad it is done. However, on that note, ill give you a final breakdown of my week, and include my three favorite experiences.

So, Saturday was chicness galore. After lunch at the Setai in their garden area, with a TERRIBLE view of Brandon Davis’ toupee looking hair, I went for a walk on the boardwalk to get some fresh air, where I so elegantly ran into Lauren Rae Levy. It seemed as though the song ‘Love is in the Air’ was imaginatively playing as we embraced.

Seen here with Lauren Rae Levy. MsErinsita is wearing a Vintage Lilly Pulitzer, Prada Sandals, Christian Roth Eyewear and a Hermes Kelly Bag.

I then went back to the art fair to see my Auntie Julie and Uncle Bennett Roberts with a situational acquaintance I met on Monday who claimed to be a Royal from Monaco but turned out to be from, the Redlands or Kendall or somewhere. #beware BUT all I will say is it will forever be a good laugh among family and friends….from the fabricated stories of languages spoken, deaths, and near drowning experiences, faux-comas…. Good lord, that was the best piece of performance art I have ever seen! #grimoldi aka #fromoldi.

So, after the performance art, I went home, and got pseudo glam for the dinner of Christian Roth and Eric Domege in their Sunset Island home. Publicist Lauren Gnazzo and I picked up Patrick McMullan, where we ran into Tyler Ashley and TOME designer Ryan Lobo outside of the Gaythering. As they screamed my name from the balcony, it was quite Rapunzel-esque.

CHRISTIAN ROTH and ERIC DOMEGE Celebrate ERIN NEWBERG aka MS Erinsita with an intimate Dinner at their Home
With Lauren Gnazzo at the home of Christian Roth and Eric Domege. MsErinsita is wearing a Missoni skirt as a dress, a Vintage Judith Leiber belt, Manolo Blahnik Gladiator Sandals and a VBH Crocodile Clutch.

So, here is my philosophy: you know a dinner party is a success when not one person is on the phone the entire evening. With a hand selected 24-people in attendance, this morning when I checked the web, according to, was honoring (omg, yes)…. I’m HONORED! Once again….le Roth-Domege household had a soiree – cocktail – dinner party to be remembered. Eric is not only a fashion designer but a consistently perfect chef, and served up a refined three course meal that included burrata with proscuitto, poulette, ratitouille, potatoes and berries galore. Michelle and Asher Edelman, Richelle and BJ Formento, Fiona and Britt West, Marjorie Dressler, and former muse Kristin Brockstadt, were all there to enjoy the simple decadence.

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Sunday was relaxing as I strolled the Lincoln Road market, bought NOTHING (Mazel Tov to MOI), and went to see Auto Body by Spinello Projects in Sunset Harbor, which was not only covered on the front page of the New York Times Art section, but most importantly featured my AUNTIE – UNKL A.L. Steiner.

Dale Newberg watching A.L. Steiner’s Video at Auto Body by Spinello Projects.

It was all a wrap when I headed to the SLS to meet my ‘hermano’ Victor Canavati, Alex Naar, Alberto Milmo and some GORGEOUS girls, (aka Pamela Llimas, the face of Shu Umuera) and my new favorite Serbian, Muamera Pulic.


Jetting off to Aspen on Wednesday with my momma and Carolyn Travis, and can not to see my Secrets of Aspen co-star (faux stars) Brooke Lauren!!! Stay tuned for MsErinsita taking Skiing lessons, lots of Loro Piana and hopefully no accidents.

Until the next post….



OH, and TOP 3 Basel Experiences:

Louis Vuitton Dance Party at the Jewel Box at the National YoungArts Foundation Campus.

Omar’s NYC Dinner, honoring TOME and the artist Shirin Neshat.

Christian Roth and Eric Domege’s Dinner Party for

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