Reggie Ann Rubin, Thank You for Shining Bright Like a Diamond in all of our Lives….

When my grandpa Samuel Steiner passed away in September, Reggie wrote on my Facebook wall. Here is what she said:

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Just last Thursday, before I left to Ocean Reef, I came to see you at Aventura Hospital. In your Philadelphia accent, you said:

“Erin, hold my hand. I want you to know I am sick and it is ok for me to go now that I know that Anna is getting married, Mari has a baby and you found the love of your life.”

At the Hawaiian themed birthday party of Nick D’Annunzio…

I basically sat, held her hand, and told her to shut up. We were all used to Reggie complaining and making ludicrous comments as such… but this time, she was not kidding. After the nurse came in and asked who I was, I proceeded to respond “she is my grandmother.” She insulted me.

Reggie taking us to enjoy the restaurant of Linda and Jeff Chodorow’s son…. She always supported!


Today, the world lost what people dream of: a true friend.

They say that in life if you can count your friends on one hand you are lucky. That is the story of my friendship with Regina Ann Rubin, who I met in 2006 when I accepted a job at Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables as the Specialist of Dolce Gabbana and the Designer Department. Reggie, this red headed eccentric, managed the Chanel Boutique. At first, she gave me stress, headaches and grief. She then instantly became part of my family, sharing birthdays, holidays, Obama parties, memorials and simple moments of bliss with us all.

At the Fontainebleau for my 26th Birthday Party….


This woman was one of a kind. The comments, that accent, the hysterical, ruthless judgements, made us all just love her for who she was. Reggie rolled with a group of girls that were powerhouses. She loved them. They loved her. For a woman who had no family, she had all and more than we all wished for. Endless love… and this past week, as she was taken into hospice, it was so apparent as to who this woman truly was. The love was a testament to the joy she brought to people through her life in Maryland, Philly and Miami. People flew in from all over the country to sit by her side.

Reggie Rubin, Erin Newberg & friends2
With Dr. Fayad, Jaclyn Segal, and I at the Jamie’s Rescue event.


Reggie loved to brag about the fab people she called her family. She supported us all more than can be described, from dragging us to Linda and Jeff Chodorow’s restaurant openings, to telling me how she loved Carol and how Carol’s daughters were her favorite. Reggie used to make me google Carol’s daughter Lauren’s outfits and was so excited when she married Simon Cowell, because Reggie got to go to see American Idol live. Reggie loved spending holidays with Diane and Alan Lieberman in Porto Vita and loved their daughter Haley and her husband Jason Binn. She loved Norma and Ali Quintero and would shlep to the Grove to be with them. Reggie introduced me to Jen Temen and Parker Taylor, a young couple that she used to drag to SoHO House where she would request only to be on the private floors, and she loved to dine at the best restaurants in Miami. You could find this ball of energy at Cipriani, or dancing disco on Calle Ocho with Anna Moreno Nava, Charmaine Campbell and I…..

At Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour.


There was nobody like Reggie.

B is for believe…. this woman could dance us all under the table! On Calle 8….


She stood by me in my hardest times, helped when I was down and out, came to Mystery Dates which I used to Chair at MoCA, she came to celebrate my birthdays, she would come to my moms house and make calls for Obama when she wasn’t sure what her political party was…Just to be with us. That was our Reg…and she loved Jacquelynn Powers Chanukkah Parties too. It was endless.

At the home of Jacquelynn Powers for her Chanukkah soiree!


I truly never realized how Reggie affected people, but after being admitted into Hospice on Monday night, the love and crowds poured in. She would have been shocked as to how admired she truly was. The director of Hospice told me “we have never seen anything like this here at Vitas. This woman must have been special.”

Dale Newberg & Reggie Rubin4
My mom and Reg at the Jamie’s Rescue event at the Standard. She never missed a party and loved my mom….


Truth be told she was more than special. She was a light that will never burn out. Dripping in Chanel from the heavens above, dancing to Disco with your partner Jerry, Reggie, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for introducing me to my best friends Anna Moreno Nava and Marisabel Daza. Thank you for every moment. Thank you for being a back bone to me. Thank you for making me hold your hand and for telling me ‘Erin, I love you….my friends don’t even understand.’

At home a few weeks ago with Reggie, Mari and Penelope when we pretended we were Fedex and showed up unannounced.


Reg, you touched people from 20-90 years old. That speaks volumes…..and thank you for letting me take your Gloria Estefan’s greatest hits…. The song ‘I See Your Smile’ will forever remind me of you….. and I will go get my framed Pucci Scarf in your living room that you gifted me and forever keep it on my wall, and next to my heart….and thank you for always reposting my blogs and supporting MsErinsita…..I now also dedicate my website in your honor.

 ‘Cause when I close my eyes

I still can see your smile
It’s bright enough to light my life
Out of my darkest hour

Please believe it’s true
When I tell you I love you

-Gloria Estefan

Reggie and I in NYC.

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35 thoughts on “Reggie Ann Rubin, Thank You for Shining Bright Like a Diamond in all of our Lives….”

  1. this is so special, just like Reggie. I will miss her. thnx for bringing her into my life ❤️❤️❤️

  2. So sorry for your loss.
    You’ve done a great job of describing someone whom I’m sure was nothing short of fabulous.
    What a wonderful way to celebrate her life and your friendship.

  3. I didn’t know her but your tribute made me cry. Beautifully written. Erin, I am sorry for your loss. Xoxo

  4. This is a beautifully written commemoration. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing her story – it sounds like she was an amazing woman and you are lucky to have been part of her life.

  5. I have known Reggie since she started working at knit wit in Philly. I am in California now and what you wrote ws so very beautiful that I am still crying

  6. Erin,
    I’ve never met you, but Reggie told me how special you are. This is a beautiful testament from one beautiful person to another. May Reggies light continue to shine bright in all of us and may her memory be a blessing.

    Lori from Boston and South Beach

  7. As I read your blog and carefully looked over every picture and caption, my heart filled up with wonder. I’m so much more than happy you and Reggie connected on the level you did, so much more than happy you met when you did and so much more than happy you became family. I knew Reggie way back in the days of Bloomingdales Town Center where she WAS CHANEL. She sole me every piece, knew every piece, which pieces I needed to own and which I didn’t. We would spend hours upon hours talking, laughing, sharing stories and no, not because I was a good sale. I’m quite sure at that time, most of the girls in Boca were good sales. We connected on a level that was real, cut through the BS and let’s be friends and friends we’ve been since. The distance definitely got in the way but never changed our feelings for each other. I’ve been so involved in my son’s fundraiser and other issues lately that I’ve been totally out of the loop. I was planning on coming today to tell her how she brightened my life and how much I loved her. One of the Good ones. Then when I got the text that her feet were cold and toes were turning purple, I knew, from my own experiences, she was so close to the end. As I posted earlier, Reggie was born in love and left in love. Her life was short, but it was GREAT! She touched so many lives and brightened so many spirits with that red hair, the ever present red lips, always had something to say about any and all topics and loved the hell out of life. LIFE LOVED YOU BACK REGGIE <3 You will be missed greatly <3

    1. What a beautiful tribute. How blessed that you found each other. Sounds like an amazing woman and spirit. Thank you for sharing her story with us.May she rest in peace. Thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones.

  8. It seems Surreal. When friends pass on the family receives Condolences. In Reggie’s passing yesterday, friends are sending condolences to friends because we were Reggie’s family and she part of ours ¬ the nucleus of her life centered around the incredibly interesting, accomplished, beautiful, funny, authentic and loving girlfriends and yes, her incredibly cool, interesting, loving & so very handsome diverse man friends too!!!! All spanning decades in age, style, memories and life’s experience ¬

    As we know, people come into our lives for endless reasons, the Blessing of Reggie came to you Erin for every right reason. She would always remind me why she loved you and always believed in you, from the very beginning! As we cried then laughed yesterday in the aftermath of her passing, I suggest that anyone who can access Instagram and who adored Reggie scroll through her Instagram page. It is but a snapshot, albeit a wonderful ‘wrap’ of everything fabulous, funny, kooky, and authentic that was… Reggie’s life. It is how I want to remember the beautiful one of a kind and truly authentic Reggie

  9. what an exquisite and delightful dedication to a magical and inspired friendship. Sending you love and peace, Darling xxxx

  10. what a nice tribute. I’ve known Reggie since she started working at the Knit WIt in the 80’s in Philly. She was always tough on me about my weight and my fashion, because she cared. When Jerry passed, I went to the funeral in Philly and she was happy that I did so. Gonna miss her frankness and beauty and fashion sense. <3

  11. Such a beautiful blog about a very special woman. I will never forget Reggie and thankfully have so many lovely memories of her which which will always remain in my heart. She always supported me and was a great friend to my mother and to me. We will miss her very much. Rest in peace Reggie . X

    1. Lauren,
      I know how much she loved you, your kids, your wardrobe and was SOOOOOOO ecstatic about her trip to LA to see Amer Idol. Thank you for making her tell us the story 3,000x! haha.
      Looking forward to meeting you one day. Your mom is the most chic, hot lady in the 305.

      1. I just read this post again and it brought tears to my eyes again …. Such a special lady Reggie really was. I am so sad I didn’t get to say good bye. I really miss her and wish I could tell her how much her friendship meant to me and my mom. It’s so sad she is gone. X

  12. I have a picture from 1969 of Reggie holding me when I was a baby. As my moms best friend from high school in Baltimore, it was so much fun to watch her flit through Philly, NYC, and Miami. After high school she did the “unthinkable” and moved to Philly, unmarried and single…gasp…and took what she loved and rolled with it. She would bring me into the Knit Wit in Center City and show me all the “up and coming designers”. Jerry and she would come to Baltimore for dinner with my parents and I always tried to stop by… After college I realized what an inspiration she really was – and was always interested in hearing about her adventures. She would tell me about the wedding weekends she had with 5 outfit changes and send me pics. I would send her dress options for her opinion and she would text me back..”.don’t buy it- you will hate it after one wearing. Buy black”She would complain about the dating scene, telling me how lucky I was to be married….I told her to stop judging guys by their cars and cash and she might find a real catch. She always spoke about her girls from the store and how they were by her side with the last bout of cancer…Reggie proved what everyone always says, age is only a number (especially if you sometime leave a couple of years off your profile)…and that if you give love, passion, and spirit you will get it back with your circle. Thanks for a great article. Looking forward to celebrating her life with everyone Tuesday.

  13. Reggie I know you can see and hear all of us and know you were really cherished by all of us that we’re blessed to have you in our lives. I will truly miss you and will remember you always. You touched so many of us. God bless you.

  14. Erin, what a beautiful tribute to our friend Reggie! After spending the day with you I understand why she loved you so!!! We will all miss her!

  15. Erin, You captured our girl perfectly! Reggie did shine like a diamond in all of our lives. “True friends are like diamonds, bright, beautiful,valuable,and always in style “. Although her song is gone, her beautiful melody will linger in our hearts forever. ❤️

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