Poppin’ Bottles of Bubbly with Society Galore at le Clicquot Carnival

20150207_194833There was absolutely no shortage of bubbly and-or chicness at the Thompson Hotel on Miami Beach, where Veuve Clicquot took over Seagrape, the outdoor restaurant for a beyond exclusive brunch on Saturday. Yesterday, a rather tranquil Sunday conversation went as follows:

“How amazing was yesterday?”

“I wish we had one of those experiences every weekend. Our world would be a better place.”


The luncheon was Brazilian themed, hence its name: Clicquot Carnival…leading me to throw on my Vintage Pucci ensemble. As a self proclaimed fashionista, its always important to have back up in the closet / rolling rack for last minute invitations as such. In my floral garb, Lauren Gnazzo, Carolyn Travis and I, whom had all been invited by Martin Rozenblum, headed to the hotel and we got a lot more than we bargained for. The rose’ label Veuve and the classic the orange label were flowing, Willy Wonka style. Remember this? “There’s no knowing where they’re rowing…or which way the river’s flowing!” #truth. It was just one of those days!

Fabulosities in attendance included Solange Knowles, Emily Ratajkowski, Jamie Chung, Padma Lakshmi, William Levy, Chelsea Leyland, Brendan Fallis, Kelly Framel, Gala Gonzalez, Hassan Pierre, Chef Carla Pellegrino and superbly clad locals like Suzy Buckley Woodward, Ginger Harris, Annie Vazquez, Hadley Henriette, Ashley Brozic, Stacey Renee Russell, Claire Breukel, Susanne Birbragher, Sarah Arison, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Nathalie Cadet-James, Manny Machado and Luis Rigual.

The party continued poolside….e’ voila!i Check out my photos below from the afternoon that in our wildest dreams should only be forever continued and definitely goes down in the books as one to be remembered.

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